Need a Translation?

If you need a translation from English into Italian or German into Italian, look no further: you’ve found the right person.

Who am I? My name is Emma Lenzi, and by entrusting your texts to me, you can count on all the expertise of a skilled language professional.

Why do I only translate from English and German into Italian and not vice versa?

Because professional translators only translate into their native language, rather than in both combinations. Specifically, as a native speaker of Italian, I translate from English into Italian and from German into Italian. It’s a question of professional ethics.

A translator’s job is a delicate one: we find ourselves transposing concepts, ideas and nuances between languages. It’s not just a question of understanding a language perfectly, but of the ability to render it in a different one, paying attention to the musicality and terminological accuracy of the words, as well as to more subtle and trickier aspects – without, however, overlooking any underlying cultural elements. It’s not a job for everyone.

My specialisations

More in detail: though I can certainly translate generic texts, I’m specialised in a few specific sectors. Professional translators all have their own fields of expertise: some specialise in legal translations, others in medical translations…

I’ve chosen to focus my studies and my talent on the translation sectors that have always attracted my curiosity and interest:

  • literature, fiction and non-fiction
  • travel and tourism texts
  • music texts

Pretty specific fields, right? Well, they’re the ones I’m most proficient in, thanks to years of study and work experience. Entrusting your texts to me means sleeping easy, because I’m familiar with their secrets and terminology, I know their hidden pitfalls and how to work with them, as well as how to recognise and convey their most subtle nuances.

Additional post-delivery services

A translator’s job doesn’t end with delivery of the text to the client. Sometimes further steps are required; thus the need to resort to so-called “post-delivery” services:

  • text revision
  • quality control between the source text (i.e., the original text) and the target text (i.e., the translation)
  • updating of a translation, perhaps due to changes or new information added to the source text

In addition to translation, I can offer you any of these services!

Thanks to my experience as a translator, editor and language consultant, I can oversee every aspect of your texts. In addition to revision, quality control and updating, I offer the following services:

  • editing
  • proofreading
  • reading and evaluation of manuscripts
  • translation, creation and editing of subtitles

Learn more about my services:

Happy and satisfied clients?

Over the years, several clients have expressed their satisfaction after entrusting their translations to me. I’ve collaborated with publishing companies, translation agencies and private clients, many of whom have become regular clients, proving the importance of long-term relationships based on mutual respect.

I ensure high-quality translations, listen carefully to each client’s requirements and take care to establish an open conversation at every step.

How much will a translation cost?

There’s no magical or mathematical formula to come up with an estimate. Each and every translation is its own project, and costs may vary depending on length, subject, technicality, delivery time and several other factors.

Please contact me for a quote: send me the text you need translated, stating your preferred deadline and any other useful information. I will answer you in a timely fashion with a personalised quote and other relevant details.

You can also rely on my discretion: confidentiality is part of my job, and I will never share or divulge any of the files entrusted to me.

Contact me now for a personalised quote