Revision and Editing

Need someone who can oversee your text from start to finish? You can count on me.

That’s right! As you’ll have guessed by browsing my website, my work is not limited to translating from German and English into Italian, but hinges on my ability to oversee every aspect of your text.

If you’re looking for someone to revise and proofread a translation (from English or German into Italian) or to edit a text, I’m here to explain these services in greater detail.

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Professional revision services

“Two heads are better than one”, as the popular saying goes, and this is the very principle underlying revision and proofreading. Whether for the peculiar nature of a text or the sensitivity of its subject, some translation tasks require that the translator collaborate closely with a reviser and proofreader.

Professional revision entails a careful rereading of the translation against the original text. If performed correctly, revision provides an important and invaluable exchange between the translator and the reviser who, boasting equal linguistic skills, work in sync to produce an optimal translation that conveys all the elements of the original text.

Looking for a skilled, meticulous language professional to revise a translation from English or from German into Italian?

Professional editing services

Not everyone needs professional editing.

It’s usually publishing companies, editorial offices or press agencies who require professional editing of texts or manuscripts. Less often, editing services are requested by authors, writers and professionals.

So what, exactly, are we talking about?

Professional editing entails a rereading, correction and rewriting of a text, accompanied by justified annotations and comments. It’s much more than a correction of spelling, grammatical or syntax errors.
Professional editors pay attention to aspects such as consistency of style and register, the respect of editorial guidelines, the correctness of any information and internal references. They also suggest any necessary improvements to the effectiveness of the text, bearing in mind its communication aim.

Hiring a professional editor, and thus being able to rely on a professional, high-quality editing service, means placing your text in good hands for a guaranteed result.

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