Hi, I’m Emma Lenzi.
Nice to meet you!

I’m a professional language consultant, a translator from German and English into Italian, a reviser, proofreader and editor.
What do I specialise in? Literature, fiction and non-fiction, as well as the travel and music sectors.

What can I do for you?

Healthy Food

Need something translated from German or English into Italian and don’t know what to do? Leave it to me: my job is finding the right words.


Need a translation from English or German into Italian revised and don’t know who to ask? Here I am: a professional reviser and proofreader.


Want a neat, flowing, readable text with no mistakes? Asking me to edit it is your best bet, so don’t hesitate: I’ll be the eagle eye you need.

Why choose me?

Because I listen to my clients and am always available to meet their needs.
Because I’m passionate about my work and have a solid background in translation and publishing.
Because I devote the right amount of time to each project – no more, no less – but I never miss a deadline.

My happy and satisfied clients

Here are some of the many clients for whom I’ve found the right words.
Would you like to be one of them?

Emma has translated over 15 titles for us, from both German and English. Each translation captured the essence and spirit of the original works with remarkable precision. With her exceptional command of language and her deep understanding of cultural nuances, she has exceeded our expectations and given us titles that have won the hearts of our Italian readers, making her a true ambassador of language and culture.

Nicolas Gallardo Molina

Translation & Rights Coordinator
SAGA Egmont

Emma has worked with us as a translator since June 2021. Her broad and versatile culture allows her to work in a variety of fields without the slightest drop in quality. Her works are faithful and complete with respect to the source text, accurate in their lexical and terminological choices, fluid and clean of typos in the target text, never without a careful quality check. Her very solid skills are due to significant experience from various childhoods. Her perfect knowledge of the target language and total command of German and English make her a highly professional figure. Emma is responsible and reliable, thoughtful, intuitive and empathetic. She never loses enthusiasm, she is not afraid of tight deadlines and heavy workloads. Even under stress she does not lose stability or operational efficiency and precision.

Manlio Francia

editor-in-chief and senior editor
Edicart Style

Emma has worked for us on various children fiction titles, adapting her texts perfectly to the age of the readers. She is creative, attentive to detail and delivers high quality translations, always on time.
It’s a pleasure to work with Emma!

Maria Jędrzejczyk

Translation Coordinator

Emma is always available to help with a professional treat. She is very responsive and always delivers her projects on time.

Translations Agency


Emma did a few translations to promote my book on the English-speaking market. I was very pleased with the linguistic quality of her work, as well as by her attention to detail and on-time delivery. I contact her any time I need a translation, and I’ve recommended her skills to several university colleagues.

Alessandra Orlandini Carcreff


Emma Lenzi started collaborating with Gribaudo in 2017. She’s translated several children’s books, such as the Llama Llama series (Il Piccolo Lama in Italian), and non-fiction for adult readers, like Dream Decoder (La scatola dei sogni in Italian). She’s a skilled and reliable translator who never misses a deadline.

Laura Rapelli

Gribaudo Editore

Emma is a pleasure to work with, and consistently delivers high-quality translations from English to Italian. We have worked with Emma on a variety of children’s fiction and non-fiction titles, across different themes and she is highly skilled at providing age appropriate translations, using her creativity when necessary to adapt the text for an Italian readership. Emma is always professional and enthusiastic, and ensures all work is delivered in a timely manner.

Louise Terallis

Senior Foreign Editions Production Editor
Usborne Publishing

I have been working with Emma for the past 4 years. During this time she has translated mainly guitar-related projects for us, but these have also involved both technical and marketing style texts. Emma is responsive and always delivers on time. We’ve always been happy with her work and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship.

Adrian Graham

Translation Manager
Language Company Group