Other Services

So, what are these other services?

My years spent in close contact with the written word have allowed me to study several aspects of text editorship in depth. Thus, in addition to offering translation, revision and editing services, I’m at my clients’ disposal if they need quality control, proofreading or updating performed on a translation compared to a previous version, as well as subtitles for audiovisual products.

Want to know more? Never fear! You’ll find a detailed description of each service below, and I’m always available to answer any questions.

Translation quality control

Publishing insiders are familiar with translation quality control, but outsiders often have no idea this service even exists. So, what is it?

The quality control of a translation consists in the meticulous checking that all the visual elements of the original text have been respected and transposed faithfully in the final translation.

Specifically, quality control of a translation includes making sure that no details or parts of a text have been omitted, that any numbers have been transcribed correctly and, last but not least, that any images, captions or graphic elements have been inserted just as in the original document, ensuring that everything “works” with no reference or layout errors.

It goes without saying that the quality control of a translation is a key step, especially in substantial documents.

Need a thorough and accurate quality control performed on your translation?

Text updating

Just like with quality control, text updating is a niche service mostly familiar to publishing insiders. So, what are we talking about? It’s an easy concept, I promise!

Imagine the following scenario: you’ve already had your text translated, but all of a sudden you realise it needs some alterations – there might be new information to be added, sections to be changed, new editorial guidelines to be followed, and so on.

In these cases, having the whole text retranslated would prove quite onerous. A valid – and certainly less expensive – option is to ask a professional linguist to update the text.

If these alterations concern a translation from English or from German into Italian, don’t hesitate to contact me! I know how to implement these changes without distorting your text but, rather, ensuring that it maintains its polish and fluency.


We all know what proofreading means, right? This service is very common in the publishing world, but it’s just as important in a wide range of other fields.

Unfortunately, lots of people underestimate the importance of proofreading, to the inevitable detriment of the final product and its readers. I’m thinking of printed texts such as novels, essays, manuals, or even magazines and newspapers: without a meticulous checking and proofreading, they lack the final polish that makes them a pleasure to read and leaf through. Aren’t typos sworn enemies of the pleasure of reeding? Exactly.

Need a proofreader for your manuscript?

Translation, creation and editing of subtitles

Have you noticed how crucial it’s become for audiovisual products to be accompanied by detailed and accurate subtitles that ensure the audience’s utmost usability?

From TV shows to the filming of public events and interviews, all the way down to the social media video advertising we’ve all become used to… Audiovisual products are taking over more and more space in our daily life.

Anyone who works in communications, and especially with the written language, must be able to orient themselves and work with this type of tool, as well as to recognise its limitations and to make the utmost use of its potential.

The wide range of services I offer includes the translation, creation and editing of subtitles for audiovisual products with Aegisub (or other software programmes, as needed), tasks I carry out with the greatest care and attention to current market requirements.

Shall we find the right service for you?